Yasar Armagan Ipek's Story

                I spent my childhood in Turkey. I was 16 when I met socialist associations first time. Like Martin Luther King said, we had a dream that one day communism would come, everyone would work in a fair order without losing their rights and share them equally. To me everyone was born as a communist, they are all naked and equal when they born but separated due to social status. Religions also advise people to be equal to everyone, not to go to bed when your neighbour is hungry, and to share what you have. Have you heard of a religion that says be selfish and unjust? But over time, selfish politicians used religions to divide people and create discrimination and they succeeded this. We are not against religions and people beliefs, if people are happy, who cares? We are only against those who abuse religion. A light went on in my brain while I was thinking what name to give to the place we will open. I said why not give the name “communist”. There are not any shoemakers, butchers, bakers, markets, kebab shops that named as communists as far as I now. I believe because people were afraid even from the mane of communist, that’s why they stayed away. Even its name reflected as something to stay away from by giving this name, I wanted to add humour to our work and to show people that the name of communist is not something to be afraid of. Of course, that wasn't the only reason. We have aimed to earn a little as a requirement of the capitalist system, but to share a part of our earnings primarily with the homeless and those in need, and to realize their dreams, if there is any. By the way, there is no boss here.

             We would have liked to keep our prices lower, but meat prices doubled this year not just meat prices as you all know there is an unreliable increase in prices of many items.  Despite this, we could not lower the quality, and we could not sell a product that we did not like to eat to someone else. We are open to constructive criticism so that we can use it to improve ourselves. I can hear you saying cut it short. On this occasion, I offer my greetings and love to all of you, and I am waiting all of you to the Communist Kebab with the dream of a liveable world.

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